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Favourite Blogs & Tumblrs - here they are!

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Bonjour :)
How are you doing? Well, I'm doing not so good. I woke up this morning with a mayor headache and I have this weird feeling in my stomache. Nevertheless I thought I'd rest a little bit and watch a little TV. I haven't eaten a lot yet, but I think that's coming soon back. I just hope I'll be back on track on thursday, because then there's carneval and that's like a huge event here. 

I just went through some tumblrs and blog and thought I'd share some of my favourite tumblr's and blogs with you. I really enjoy reading them everyday and they are mostly daily and really good in quality. So here we go. 

Color Of The Rainbows: Hannah has got a beautiful blog with an amazing overview. It's one of my favourite celebrity-blogs. From Amanda Seyfried over to Beyoncé and Mila Kunis. You've got everything. I, personally, love to see edited celebrity photos. I mean, who doesn't love celebrites? They gorgeous. :) But if you're looking for a good celebrity tumblr to reblog from, then definitely go check Hannah out. 

A Beautiful Mess: Ok, this blog is really popular and famous, so I guess you know what I'm talking about. ;) This is blog is perfection. Elsie and Emma do a great job every day and you can count on a better post after another one. You can look for recipes, decor help, fashion trends and Coding workshops. Whatever you need, you can find it there. :)

I Am Fucking Glamorous: What do you already expect from the name? ;) Pure glam, right? This is definitely what you would find here. Mursal is fifteen years old and has one of the best tumblrs, I'd say. You can find a lot of Victoria's Secret here as well as just typical girly things like cute nailpolishes and dresses. You can be really inspired by just looking at the blog, if you have a rough day finding your spirit of glam. ;)

Kayture: This is my alltime favourite fashion blog. The just nineteen year old Kristina Bazan has  built such a great community and blog. This is unbelievable. I believe she started the blog when she was around seveteen with her still current boyfriend James. He's also her photographer. Together they travel all around the world to see new styles and fashion trends, to meet new people and cultures and they put all of their experience and one blog. I'm just stunned from that. Definitely go check that out. :)

Valerie Lacherie: Well, this is a german blog, but nevertheless I'm gonna tell you in english about this blog. First of all, I want her room. Seriously, it's such a dreamroom. But not just Valerie's room is awesome, they way she creates her blog and special. I really enjoy visiting it everytime. So, check it out. :)

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I hope you enjoyed this little recommendations post and I'd love to hear from your favourite tumblrs and blogs. :) 


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